Friday, September 25, 2009

Lil Princess..

Last night I had the pleasure of doing some head shots for my good friend Bambi's lil princess, Ava-Haiyes. Bambi is putting her in a beauty pagenat here in Greenville, so she needed a head shot for the photogenic category. I took Camden over to their house, because they LOVE playing with each other. Before we did the shoot, we went and got dinner at a lil Japanese restaurant in lil Washington and Bambi needed to run to Wal-mart. We got back and the kiddies just wanted to run around like lil crazy people and play! When it was time to get some shots, let me tell you we had a time!! We had to tell Ava-Haiyes to look at the camera, because there was a doggie in it (she loves doggies!). It actually worked and we got a couple of good ones. Of course, Camden didn't like that he wasn't getting the attention and was trying to get in on our fun! It was pretty hilarious! At least we got one that will be her head shot!

Ava-Haiyes stole Camden's passy.

I know this one is so OOF, but I love it. The emotion and everything about it!

Hello Gorgeous!!

The winner!


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